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Kid-Oriented Anti-Zombie ‘Cure’ Propaganda?

We’re sensitive to the issue of a ‘cure’ for Undeath here at the Zombie Rights Campaign. Zombiism isn’t a disease, after all, and the Zombie Community as a whole doesn’t need a ‘cure’, it needs understanding and tolerance.

So naturally, this ‘Zombie I Scream’ game pushing the cure meme at a young audience disturbs us:

Well, except your customers are undead and somehow the U.S. government has figured out how to cure undeath via ice cream. Scoop up the right flavor combination and shambling corpses animated by dark magic or darker science suddenly have all of their limbs and skin and boy do they feel silly for trying to eat people.

Is it kid-friendly? Close enough, I say. The zombies are covered with blood and missing limbs in some cases, but there’s no gratuitous gore and when you die (I am assuming death is involved) there’s no splash of fresh blood on the screen—just an ending.

Sure, pin the blame on the Zombies. The government always has money to research Anti-Zombie technology but never funds for assistance and social welfare for the Undead, doesn’t it? I smell a rat. A big, lucrative, cost-plus defense contract rat.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the only Zombies and Ice Cream game to come out for portable systems; the far more Zombie Tolerant ‘Zombies Ala Mode’ made news here on the ZRC blog some time ago.

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