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‘ROAM’: Procedurally-Generated Anti-Zombie Game on Kickstarter

Procedurally-generated games promise nearly infinite replayability, as they can generate levels in which to spend your recreational hours over and over again. In theory, a great deal of bang for the buck, and always a new possibility each time you fire up said game.

But what if the variable virtual world is static in its Living Supremacist world-view? Then you’d have ‘ROAM’, a game now fundraising on Kickstarter:

What is ROAM?

You and up to three friends (online co-op) must scour a grim, ravaged world, where you have complete freedom to choose where you roam, what you do, and how you allocate and use the precious-few resources you will find on your journey. Every action in the game represents a choice – and each choice has pros, cons, and consequences.

Yes, for those who like their prejudice cooperative and interactive, without all the bother of forming an actual, torch-bearing mob, ‘ROAM’ is coming.

And boy is it ever graphically violent and unkind to the virtual Zombies. Observe, but be warned: graphic violence within.

I have to admit that from a purely technological perspective, ROAM looks intriguing. But just look at what happens to all those poor Zombies! If your hobby involves creating piles of bodies out of the innocent Undead, solely for BEING Undead, well. You’re pretty twisted indeed.

The Zombie Rights Campaign is shocked and appalled.

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