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Zombie Rights at Horrorhound Cincinnati

No, this isn’t a really belated notice that the ZRC will be appearing at Horrorhound this weekend – I’m afraid Zombie Law School has be pinned down in Madison this season!

But our longtime ZRC pal Michelle Hartz is there this weekend, and it’s a good thing too – apparently Saturday the convention is being invaded by many of the cast of a certain Living Supremacist basic cable drama.


We trust Michelle will keep the Zombiphobes on their toes with her book, Brains for the Zombie Soul, which you readers at home can pick up from Amazon.

Norman Reedus will apparently be back this year.

We checked in with him last time. I hope he remembers the guilt.


As for the rest of you, go see Michelle! Buy books! Stalk Norman Reedus and ask him how he sleeps at night!*

*If you do that last one, stay within the bounds of politeness and legality. We’re a civil rights movement, not a civil wrongs movement.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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  1. Thanks! I can use all the help I can get, but I am spreading zombie friendly messages from booth to booth!

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