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Day of the Dead to be Remade? Hmm.

‘Day of the Dead’ is something of a black sheep in the Romero Zombie canon, but it’s also one of the earliest films to ‘humanize’ the Differently Animated.

In fact, we’ve been told on more than one occasion that ‘Day of the Dead’s sympathy for the Undead, particularly the star, Bub*, is the reason particular Zombie movie fans hate it.

By today’s standards, sure, ‘Day of the Dead’ is still Anti-Zombie, Bub aside. But in the early 1980s it was revolutionary.

So this news is a mixed bag for Zombie Rights:

And now… Romero’s Day of the Dead is being remade

Well with how many times Romero’s movies are being remade so far it was only a matter of time before Day of the Dead got this treatment. With how the last Day of the Dead ‘remake’ was let’s hope this one can do somewhat better. Honestly Romero’s classic was probably my favorite of his films so I’m skeptical about hearing this news. At the very least it’s being done by a team that has had some luck with remakes as Arrow in the Head has let us know it will be created by the team behind Texas Chainsaw 3D. So at the very least it should be watchable.

Look, as long as Bub remains a Zombie Rights icon, we’re happy here at the ZRC.

We’ll be interested to see how this shapes up.

*If he’s not the star, why is Bub all over the DVD cover?

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