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‘DED Talk’ About Surviving the ‘Human Apocalypse’ Shows A Different Perspective on the Supposed End of the World.. Or Does It?

If you’ve been on the internet the last few years, no doubt you have seen the seemingly endless parade of ‘TED Talks’, or ‘lifehacks’, and such. Videos or articles outlining supposedly revolutionary ways to view the world or change our behaviors to improve our lives.

Well, what if Zombies, in a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ scenario, had their own ‘DED Talks’, if you will?

(Warning: Some Disturbing Content)

It’s hard to talk about this video without revealing the very surprising (and, to our minds, upsetting) ending. So I won’t. What I will say is two things:

1) Zombies *do* need their own inspirational or educational materials, literature and what not. ZRC Pal Michelle Hartz has been publishing such material, separately from our good selves, for years now. She has a book of Undead Fairytales coming out soon, including an audiobook version. Perfect for Lurches.

I have read an advance copy and found it delightful, suitable for Zombies of most ages. (Let’s face it, fairy tales are a big PG-13, the good ones anyway).

2) Zombies can’t afford to indulge in Anti-Zombie stereotyping against other Zombies. You are not just a brain-eating machine, any more than a Chipotle customer is a burrito-eating machine!

Though given how often *I* eat their burritos, that may reflect some personal bias. (It’s right near the Law School, ok?)

Bottom line: When giving your own advice to the other Differently Animated, remember, they may come from differing backgrounds, ways of Unlife and experience than yourself. Be open! Be inclusive! And try to advance the Zombie Friendly cause as well.

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