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LAPD and The Walking Dead: Partners in Oppression?

Here at The Zombie Rights Campaign we’re very concerned about official Anti-Zombie prejudice deriving from the negative stereotypes you see in popular culture. It’s certainly a problem when Robert Kirkman flaunts his hatred of the Differently Animated; it’s much more of a problem with official government agencies do it.

Zombies have Civil Rights too.

So we were disheartened to hear that the LAPD, a police department with a storied and often troubled civil rights history for the Living, is basing some of its current outreach operations on Walking Dead-style Zombie stereotyping.


The Los Angeles Police Department is hoping a zombie apocalypse will add some teeth to its online crime-prevention campaign.
Taking a page from Hollywood’s script-book, the LAPD’s Northeast Division has produced a new public service video starring predatory “walkers” inspired by the pop culture TV phenomenon “The Walking Dead.”
The campy seven-minute homemade movie, titled “Invasion of the Zombie Bandits,” has already garnered more than 2,350 views on YouTube.

The actual video is below for your inspection.

Now, the LAPD does market this as a ‘parody’. And the ZRC is willing to give the department some very LIMITED credit for a resolution that merely involves an unjust arrest of the Zombies, not an unjust, err, extermination.

But that’s still not a good situation. And we have no idea why Zombies, allegedly, are after iPads. A new one for the ZRC.

I mean, I know I’ve envied Michelle Hartz’s iPad at conventions. Very useful for ringing up sales. But she interacts with a lot of Zombies, and I’ve never seen any of them lunge for it.


At any rate, police strategies should never be based on Anti-Zombie propaganda. What kind of message does this send to the Zombies of Los Angeles? That their police force isn’t really there for them?

Truly unfortunate. Zombies deserve police protection too.

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