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ZRC Review: ‘Nightmare at Noon’ (Rifftrax Edition)

The ZRC recently reviewed ‘Mutant’, a very 80s, very bad, very Anti-Zombie film starring Wings Hauser which was re-released with a humorous commentary track by the guys at Rifftrax.

You might think, having made one awful, slightly unusual Zombie film in the late 80s, Mr. Hauser would have been content. But apparently there was appetite for more, because ‘Nightmare at Noon’ came out shortly thereafter, and it too has been given the comedic working-over by the Rifftrax gang.

‘Nightmare at Noon’ is kind of a Zombie movie, but in many ways is more like George Romero’s lesser known carnage film, The Crazies. The unfortunate souls targeted for somehow socially acceptable violence have traits of both temporarily aggressive humans and the Differently Animated.

Still, if you’re turning literally green, seem Undead and are oppressed by The Man, the ZRC can hardly ignore your plight.

‘Nightmare at Noon’ is just as awful on the subject of Zombie Civil Rights as its predecessor ‘Mutant’, but somehow manages to be a much worse film. Getting through NaN is a hard, bitter slog, full of intense boredom. It’s easy to imagine the filmmakers felt the same way, because ‘Nightmare at Noon’ is actually three movies in one.

First, it is, as previously mentioned, a bad Anti-Zombie/Crazie film, for about the first hour.

(Mad Scientist Ahoy!)

Then, when the people behind the camera apparently got sick of shooting *that*, they started making a bad Western.

(Like Rick Grimes, But With Even Less Effective Leadership)

Finally, when the bad Western got old, they crowbarred in about ten minutes worth of a bad helicopter movie.

(Zoom Zoom Zoom!)

‘Nightmare at Noon’ is thus at least memorable for the sheer concentration and variety of its cinematic awfulness.

The Zombie Rights Campaign rates ‘Nightmare at Noon’ as Living Supremacist.

Also as Incredibly Tedious and Seriously Confused.

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