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ZRC Review: Necromangocon

B. Nektar is at it again! They really seem to like the Zombie themed beverages.

In this case, ‘Necromangocon‘ is a honey wine/mead, with a bit of black pepper and mango added.

The actual beverage is refreshing and unassuming. Perhaps a bit too unassuming; the pepper and mango don’t come across so strongly, and the overall flavor is very mild.

But aside from the drinking quality, what message is this bottle of booze conveying to the Zombie public?

Well, first, check out the front. Pretty standard depiction of the ‘Book of the Dead’ in the Zombie context, and specifically, a cheeky reference to the ‘Evil Dead’ movies.

Superficially, there’s no problem here for Zombie Rights. We have issues with the Necronomicon, and necromancy in general; it tends to be a hotbed of Undead Labor issues.

But still, the label doesn’t indicate, let alone advocate, any of that.

But as we saw with our last B. Nektar review, there’s also a colorful label description…

Aside from a reference to ‘terrifying forces’, it’s not overtly Anti-Zombie. It’s pretty Anti-Necronomicon, but we’re not the Necronomicon Rights Campaign.

On the whole, the ZRC can, at least mildly, recommend this beverage! It’s tasty and not obviously against the Differently Animated.

Tolerance. It's a step forward.

The Zombie Rights Campaign rates Necromangocon as ‘Zombie Tolerant’

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