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Zombie Cat: A Heartwarming Response to Undead Pet Ownership

We’ve been hearing from Zombie Allies about this story for a while now, but on the off-chance it’s new to you, dear readers:

(CNN)It’s like a plot line ripped from the scripts of “The Walking Dead” — if the show’s cast were made up of cats and took place in Florida.

A Tampa, Florida, cat found seemingly dead after he was hit by a car showed up alive in a neighbor’s yard five days after he was buried.

“We have seen many amazing cases at our full-service veterinary clinic, but this situation may take the cake,” the Humane Society Tampa Bay, where the cat underwent surgery Tuesday, said in a release.

Bart, or “zombie cat” as the feline is now being referred to on social media, was discovered “unresponsive” by his owner last week lying in a pool of blood. His body was cold and his face was severely disfigured.

“If we’d seen that cat on the road, we’d assumed he was dead,” Nash McCuthchen with the Humane Society told CNN.

The Zombie Rights Campaign is very pleased to hear about the warm welcome this undead pet received upon being discovered after its reanimation. Distinctly UNLIKE the behavior on the Walking Dead, this Zombie was not mistreated merely for being Differently Animated. That’s a big step forward!

We’ll keep you posted on what is hopefully the start of a broad pro-Zombie pet trend.

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