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Fear the Walking Dead: The Dinner

One week ago saw the premiere of the second Kirkman Zombiephobic media-extravaganza, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, and the ZRC is still sorting through how to respond in the aftermath.

Also, our computing infrastructure had a part blow out on Monday, so we had to get that nailed down. I think it died of grief.

But there was a brighter side to last Sunday’s gory and unfortunate TV spectacle, and that was a delightfully Zombie-inclusive themed dinner the ZRC got to attend here in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Vintage Brewing Company held an ‘Undead Dinner’ with a fixed menu of completely legal food items designed to allow the Living to experience a bit of Zombie culture, so to speak, before the unfortunate televisual premiere.


Just look at this happy little Zombie guy. Very inviting.


The actual menu was very impressive, and the ZRC appreciates that the Vintage found a way to point out that it isn’t only Undead humans who eat raw flesh with their tasteful, and tasty, beef carpaccio main course.



However, the clear standout of the evening was the very thematically appropriate dessert, with the classiest pudding-out-of-a-can that you’ll ever get the chance to consume.


Yes, even your stalwart ZRC staff were amused by this take on one of the internet’s favorite Walking Dead scenes.

Credit to.. whoever originally made this. Let us know!

We found this meal very fortifying as the ZRC heads into a grim fall full of Zombiesploitation.

Great and Zombie Friendly job, Vintage Brewing Company.

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