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Halloween Everywhere, Zombie Friendliness Harder to Find

We are now roughly one month from Halloween, the Zombiest time of the year, and the ZRC is noticing the signs everywhere – candy on the shelves, decorations on the walls, and of course, merchandising, merchandising, merchandising.

spaceballs the flamethrower
(Yogurt’s not a Zombie, but he is green, work with me here)

It’s amazing how much of this merchandise is Zombie-related. And, tragically, how much of it is obviously influenced by the Anti-Zombie elements of our culture.

Cases in point from a recent excursion to various fabric and craft supply stores in town. Yes, craft stores seem to be a real hotbed of a certain sort of halloween decor. Namely, the kind that you slap up in a hurry, for a gathering, perhaps. It seems odd to me that stores catering to people who make their own pillows sell so many pre-made decorative items, but that’s a mystery for another day.

Observe. Many of them seem to reference, with varying levels of specificity, The Walking Dead, or perhaps some of the Romero zombie films:


Not quite ‘Don’t Open, Dead Inside’, but pretty close. And why shouldn’t we feed the Zombies?! Zombies get hungry too you know.

It’s not all bad though. Frankenstein Creations (we discourage the use of the term ‘monster’) get some positive attention.


And we’re especially encouraged by the potentially Undead Friendly hiring practices this store mascot indicates:


The ZRC will keep our eyes collectively peeled for new capitalism to evaluate as we head further into the Zombie Season.

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