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Over the years I was in law school the ZRC acquired, or was given, a wide range of Zombie merchandise and memorabilia, not all of which was usefully reviewed. Oops.

But there’s no time like the present to delve into the archives/clear out my desk drawers and see some of the odder things our culture is making about Zombies lately!

A Soft, Yarny Zombie Keychain!


This jolly fellow appears to be a rare two-headed Undead individual. Which we support.

Not so sure about this negative copy on the back of the box though.


Zombies are a ‘mindless’ bunch? We hardly think so.

Moving on…

Zombie Lip Balm! Or as the label describes it, ‘Lip Embalm’


The ZRC approves of this product. As we all should be aware, Zombie skincare is crucial, and hydration is essential to keep one’s Undead self preserved.

Zombie Stickers!!




Some of these are witty, but many promote unfortunate Living-Dead divisions. Eating Honor Students is hardly model behavior, nor is running pell-mell from the Differently Animated. And a blanket distrust of the Living, while understandable, is not a viable long-term solution either. Allies are essential!

As is housecleaning, we suppose.

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