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Zombie Playing Cards

The Zombie Rights Campaign’s art director has to take a trip to Las Vegas this November for her day job, and so your ZRC President knew he had to acquire two things.

The first was a copy of ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’.

The second? A deck of playing cards, naturally.

But not just ANY cards:


Yes, we need some gambling practice before heading into the desert’s shrine to sin and excess, so naturally I found a deck of Zombie playing cards.

Too bad they’re not Zombie FRIENDLY playing cards. In fact, each one has an Anti-Zombie ‘tip’ on the player facing side.


These tips are… not kind, to say the least.


Strangely enough, our eternal adversaries over at the Zombie Research Society would also be displeased by some of them, as it’s clear the cardmakers haven’t been following the Max Brooks school of Anti-Zombie strategy.


Most harmful though, in the ZRC’s opinion, is the series of emotional attacks on Zombiedom. Contained, as they are, in what is normally a tool for harmless diversion (or in my near future, losing a few bucks at the blackjack table), these slights are especially vicious.


Zombie kids, a parent’s worst nightmare? What an unfortunate sentiment.

The Zombie Rights Campaign rates this deck of playing cards by Bicycle as Living Supremacist.

For shame.

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