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ZRC Reviews: Marvel Zombies Battleworld #1

We’ve had a long and troubled history with Marvel Zombies here at The Zombie Rights Campaign. As one might expect from a phenomenon shepherded toward mass popularity in part by none other than Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead infamy.

Marvel Comics isn’t about to let a little thing like a grand reshuffle of their entire line of sequential art stop them from pushing some graphically violent Anti-Zombie stories, however, and so they present to us…

Marvel Zombies Battleworld.


For those not in the know, Marvel, at least in their dead tree and not-cinematic universe, has a long history of alternate worlds. So many, in fact, that they are referred to with multi-digit designations; the one you’re most familiar with, complete with the iconic versions of Thor, Spiderman, the X-Men and the like, is Earth-616, but there are numerous others.

Well, there were. Now they are all smashed together in one enormous quasi-planet, ruled, apparently, by Doctor Doom.

But what of the universes overrun by people (allegedly) hostile to all other forms of life? Like the Marvel Zombies?

Well, they get exiled to the giant global south, behind an enormous wall called The Shield.

And some really unpleasant sorts guard that wall. Like Elsa Bloodstone, the alleged heroine of this comic.


Elsa gets overconfident while fighting a Zombie revolutionary and ends up far South of the Shield. She teams up with a human child and sets off, first to try and reach her posting, but then on a grander adventure to find out what lies at the edge of the world, in Here be Dragons territory.

All the while verbally savaging anyone vulnerable enough to be in her path, whether they be dying subordinates, wayward human waifs, or of course, the Undead.

And being Marvel Zombies, she just HAS to slaugther a lot of the Undead after demeaning them.

It’s not a promising start, and one The Zombie Rights Campaign rates as thoroughly Living Supremacist.

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