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ZRC Reviews: Marvel Zombies vs. Age of Ultron

Believe it or not, there is more than one Battleworld event comic featuring the oppression of the Differently Animated. This time the ZRC is looking at Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies.


You may recall from our last review that the Marvel Comics Multiverse is now collapsed into one giant, expansive world full of dangerous and mysterious regions. Feels a bit like early 20th century fantasy; Robert E. Howard or Jack Vance. In fact, Battleworld has its own explicitly similar region to those stories, entitled ‘Weirdworld‘, so I know it’s not just me thinking this.

But back to the Zombies. As previously discussed, the Marvel Zombies are cruelly being held behind The Shield, a massive stone fortification to the South of Battleworld.

It has yet to be discussed how this functions in a world where so many of the Zombies can fly, but…

At any rate, to the South of the wall, it’s not just Zombies. There’s a whole world’s worth of killer androids made by Ultron, who you may remember from a recent summer blockbuster.

They dislike organic life. Naturally they do not get along with the Undead. Tragic, really, given their shared oppressors.


Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies is very much a first issue, briefly sketching out the world and telling us how two Living characters end up exiled south of the Shield for Zombies to eat or robots to vaporize. Cue complaints about how there always has to be a Living character or the audience cannot empathize…


But the comic is over almost as soon as it begun.

A few things can be observed, between this first issue and the first issue of Marvel Zombies Battleworld we looked at last time. One is that this is not a very heroic world at all, despite all the alleged heroes! Apparently they routinely ‘exile’ their dissidents, even children if Elsa is to be believed, beyond the Shield to be killed.

But the ZOMBIES are the bad guys. Supposedly.

Hmm. Somehow, we don’t buy it.

The Zombie Rights Campaign rates Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies #1 as Living Supremacist.

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