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The ZRC Actually Consumes a Resident Evil Energy Drink

Well.. the ZRC President does, that is.

Namely me.

See, I saw this thing on a shelf in the mall once some time ago and, well, you know that urge to jump one sometimes gets in very high places?


So after a tough month in November with non-activism related work, your ZRC President thought an energy drink was one way to get back into the lurch of things.

Even if it is Resident Evil themed.

But what does this.. beverage.. taste like, you might wonder?


The first thing you notice upon pouring it into a glass is that it’s bright blue, in a way that few drinks are. Sort of a neon, tropical ocean color.

The second is the smell. The odor is best described as what a berry would smell like, to someone who had never tasted, or perhaps even seen, fruit.

The taste is actually not so bad. Slightly fizzy Kool-Aid. A bit too sweet, and chalky, perhaps from the various vitamins that make it ‘healthier’, as so many energy drinks do these days.

The ZRC supposes it would be another run of the mill energy drink, were it not for the Anti-Zombie medical branding. Though the bottle does not appear to make any actual claims regarding immune response to Zombie viruses. From what I know about the FDA they would frown upon that, even if the Federal Government as a whole is not exactly staunchly Pro-Zombie.

On balance, the ZRC rates this drink as marginally palatable but solidly Anti-Zombie.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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