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Starburst and the Living Dead

This is a new Starburst ad in its ongoing series of ‘Korean guy wearing a Kilt’ commercials… featuring a Zombie.

Large-sized video below the cut.

Watching this, I’m of mixed opinions. First, it’s nice to see a Zombie presented as a thinking, feeling, civilized individual, riding a bus without eating people and causing mayhem. Indeed, the Zombie seems both thoroughly accepted by his fellow mass transit users and completely unaccosted by society at large, which is remarkably enlightened.

On the other hand, he’s an obnoxious jerk who butts into other peoples’ conversations.

It’s definitely a step up from the usual mindless antagonism toward the Differently Animated you see in the media, and quite frankly having a media appearance in mass market advertising that doesn’t involve guns and mayhem or the ever-popular ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ is at first blush a nice step forward.. but it still rankles a bit. Is it necessary, on the path toward acceptance, to go from fear to annoyance before you get to tolerance and equality? Is this a natural outgrowth of the softening of attitudes toward Zombies, or an exploitation thereof?

Weighty questions indeed, for a candy ad.

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