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SKAmbies? Zombie Music at Geek Kon

I got to prepping a bit for our convention appearance this weekend (I know, I procrastinate a lot) and noticed an interesting group is appearaing in concert at the convention:

Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies!
This year, close out the convention with a bang! Dr. Cancer was an unsuccessful, washed up, loner until he had a great idea. Take over the world using the untapped potential of Ska music. By reanimated bodies of dead musicians Dr. Cancer created the SKAmbies! An undead musical force to be reckoned with. They play a few unique and intriguing originals and combine them with a postmortem take on songs you may know. Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies! plan to recruit you, as the SKAmbie Army grows every day. Check Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies! out on both Myspace and Facebook.

Ska-playing Zombies? The mind boggles.

Not so much because of Zombie musicians, but I haven’t heard a ska band in a while. I dunno; I’m too busy with Zombie Rights to keep up with musical trends. Is ska back? Do I sound like an old man here? Should I be telling people to get off my virtual lawn?

The important thing for the ZRC is: what does this mean for Zombie Rights?

The Zombie-’Creator’ relationship can be fraught with peril, after all. Many powerful individuals, whether using science or necromancy or other means entirely, create the Differently Animated only as a source of cheap labor. We need to investigate and ensure that this ‘Dr. Cancer’ is a suitable employer/creator/collaborator and is not abusing the trust of the Differently Animated he brings back from the grave. The ZRC is also interested in the perspective of a Zombie musical act on advancing Zombie Rights through music, and of course we are concerned about the possible use/abuse of Zombies as a purely exploitative entertainment act. Nobody wants the Undead equivalent of a minstrel show here in 21st century Madison.

The ZRC will try to obtain answers to these questions and provide them during the show this weekend, so stay tuned, as always.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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