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ZRC Review – Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Episode 4

When last we left our train of….

Just a minute though. What is with the trend lately of Living survivors of an allegedly bad Zombie uprising being stuck in transit?

Fear the Walking Dead, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, even some of the recent Resident Evils have been on boats and what not.

There’s a theoretical topic there we should explore in more depth at the ZRC at some point.

Back to the matter at hand, protagonist Ikoma was almost chowing down on his aristocratic patron in the last episode.


Don’t worry, he got better, cartoon style, with a blow to the head.

Mumei explains the situation pretty quickly for once. Kabaneri require at least small amounts of human blood to stay sane and functional. In exchange she’s willing to side with the Living against her Kabane cousins.

Which is pretty divisive really.

Unfortunately Mumei has all the charm of a hornet’s nest and the Living people quickly confine the Kabaneri to a car at the back of the train.


Along with, as these things tend to go, some alleged Kabane sympathizers.


Political persecution of activists, for shame.

Fortunately for Ikoma and unfortunately for Zombies at large, a Kabane with the ability to use tools effectively gets on board and only the Kabaneri can deal with him, so a bargain of blood-for-services is struck.

Hooray. I guess.


Another topic for later discussion: Zombie integration into the workforce only as shock troops against other Zombies, going back at least to Day of the Dead.

But for now the whole cast rolls off into the sunset, seemingly happy with the situation. No thought given of course to the larger Undead population.

Until next time, at least.

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