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ZRC Review – Fear the Walking Dead Episode 14, ‘Wrath’

A double episode this week! Apparently.

Which is weird, really. Why… did someone not look at the calendar until recently and failed to realize the premiere of regular Walking Dead is coming up?

At any rate, the first half, ‘Wrath’, has made a lot of headlines, and for once, it lives up to its name all right.


But first! Our Tijuana ruling council (containing only the handful of characters given speaking lines) meets up to discuss the fact that the drugged out gang they got even more hooked on opiates knows where they are and is coming for them.


Cue Zombie’attack’.

Selective deafness runs amok again in the Kirkmanoverse, and our cult leader, who rose to fame claiming to be immune to Zombiism, is bitten.

Naturally this leads to the reveal that anyone with detectable brainwaves has been expecting since the first episode this half of the season regarding his alleged immunity.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Travis confronts the dudebros, where he learns the terrible, terrible truth: the audience will be deprived of properly watching Chris finally perish.

He then goes… a little… murdery?

Which has lead to some praise, the ZRC gathers, on the internet, for the grimness of the show and final emotional development of the Travis character. We at the ZRC, while happy that for once violence was being meted out toward characters who deserved it (and not Zombies), were underwhelmed. Frankly, torturing us for a month with odious cardboard cutout caricatures and then curbstomping them to death is less catharsis and more meanspiritedness.

But at least, at last, at long, long last, Chris appears to be off the show.

Tune in, err, next episode, for the season finale!

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