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ZRC Review – Fear the Walking Dead Episode 15, ‘North’

And so another Fear the Walking Dead demi-season draws to a close!

The first half season memorably ended with the characters reaching the ocean, but not salvation. The second opened with LA in flames and closed with a cult in flames.

All very dramatic.

Which is why it’s strange that this half season ends with such a pronounced shrug. Not even a whimper… just a shrug.

fear 2x15

Exactly how I feel each week after watching FTWD. Very compelling.

Spoilers below.

Well, Travis has now violated Madison’s no violence policy, and that means trouble.

Well, not violence against the dudebros. Frankly no one cares about them, on the show or in the audience. But in his frenzy to hurt them, Travis beat another hotel resident savagely with a hotel door, and THAT is the sort of thing they frown on at your nicer establishments.

So Madison cuts a deal: she, Alicia and Travis will leave at dawn.

Meanwhile back at Tijuana colony, Nick bargains with Alejandro, offering him the chance at the sort of immortality all good cult leaders go for eventually: a ‘beautiful death’.

Nick, see, wants to lead the colony, Moses style, North of the border, because he has seen a refuge camp there *and* completely forgotten that he had to escape from just such a camp in the first season.

Hmm. In the writers’ defense, he probably does have some long-term neurochemistry issues.

So things come to a frothy head at hotel and colony, as everyone reacts under stress in the worst possible way, and about this time Ofelia is starting to seem like the brightest character on this show for getting as many hundred miles as possible away from all these lunatics without even saying goodbye.

No more hotel, no more colony, and bonus: Nick lead the colony survivors into a trap.

With that sad relase of not-tension, Fear the Walking Dead Season two draws to a close.

See you October 23rd!

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