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ZRC Review – The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 2

After last week’s grueling, disjointed, semi-hallucinatory psychic and physical beating of most of the main cast (and all of the audience), this week on The Walking Dead took a detour into an seemingly pleasant community looking out for its own.

If only they were Zombie Tolerant too… alas. They most certainly are not. More below.

Carol and Morgan, absent from the group roundup last year, were rescued by some horseback riding spear wielders, and now we see the magical land they hail from: The Kingdom.

So called because it is led by an actual King. On a throne.

With a tiger.


Ezekiel speaks in faux Elizabethan English, and even retains a ‘faithful steward’, Jerry, who seems to be at least half-in on the joke. Or.. is it a joke?


As Carol and Morgan try to adjust to a community that isn’t tearing itself apart on a daily basis, it is gradually revealed that the Kingdom, although miles ahead of Rick’s gang of misfits at Alexandria (one would love to know how they maintain so many fruit orchards in the DC area), is still under the thumb of the Saviors.

But not in the ‘baseball bat to two main characters’ way. More of a mafia extortion racket way.

Sadly, the Kingdom has a dark side: they literally feed innocent Zombie Americans to… farm animals.

That was too graphic to include one of my usual screenshots, but trust your humble reviewer. They do.


The episode proceeds along this way, as eventually Ezekiel and Carol reveal their acts to one another, and a grudging friendship begins to form. But of course, all this hope and fresh fruit comes at a terrible, Faustian price.


Until next week.

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