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ZRC Review – The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 3

In this week’s The Walking Dead we see more of the Savior’s compound, appropriately called The Sanctuary, and learn more of Daryl’s fate, which is about as cheerful as one might expect from this show.

Oh yes, and they oppress some Zombies.


The Saviors’ compound seems to have a sort of parade ground, reminiscent of the Colonia’s ‘wall’ in Fear the Walking Dead, which is filled with unfortunate Undead chained to the ground. Less for alleged defensive purposes, however, and more to intimidate the inhabitants of the Sanctuary – being executed and then enslaved as one of the Differently Animated is the ultimate fate of those who betray Negan from the inside.


Yes indeed, Daryl has a grim experience ahead in Savior-land. But what of our remaining main cast in Alexandria? Tune in next week!

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