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ZRC Review – The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 5

This week TWD finally checks in on Maggie and Sasha, last seen in the aftermath of Negan’s bloody act of terror against the Rick gang.

More below.

Maggie wakes in the Hilltop’s hospital trailer, which is a truly remarkable commodity in what’s left of civilization, and discovers she did not lose her pregnancy… barely. But she can’t leave Hilltop for her own safety, and the local Savior overseer/hopelessly self-important Big Man wants her gone.

Then the Saviors show up and it seems like they’ve declared full scale war on the Hilltop colony for their link to the Alexandrian attack on their Satellite camp last season.


The Saviors somehow battered down the gates, snuck inside, set half a dozen fires, then drove (or pushed?) an armored, welded shut car blaring classical music into the compound before being noticed.

The car even has a custom made middle finger welded over the door handle.


Just how much Ambien do the Hilltop residents put in their water that they slept through all this?

Anyway, Maggie takes care of the situation, with an unorthodox use of a tractor.


If warranties still existed, that would probably void one.

As it turns out, the Saviors didn’t know anything about Maggie and Sasha being at the Hilltop. They just arbitrarily and for no reason jeopardized the lives of everyone there, a major food resource for themselves to boot, for kicks and to send a message. A message… to no one… if everyone at the Hilltop dies.

This is not a well run organization.

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