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ZRC Review – The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 4

When last we left our… hero… Daryl was seeing the inside of the Saviors’ operation. But what does the outside look like for a newly coerced paying customer?

This week Negan gives us an answer as he shows up early to shake down Alexandria, pausing at the gates only to brutalize a random Undead American as an perverse act of ‘Service’ (the episode title), a sort of joke at the protection racket the Saviors are running.


Service with that trademark Negan smile.


And he provides it to the Living and Undead alike… unfortunately.

After looting the town and humiliating its residents, Negan disarms the Alexandrians and leaves a broken Rick as his local overseer.

This season is just going to awesome and enlightened places.

Meanwhile, the Zombies are wondering if they should just go back to the craft services table. Hardly needed on set anymore.

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