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ZRC Review – The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 9 (Midseason Premiere)

This week’s Walking Dead kicks off the brewing civil war amongst the Living populations, as Rick attempts to rally, well, everyone and their brother against Bat Happy Negan.

Wasn’t this show about Zombies? Once upon a time? More below the cut.

The episode opens with on-again, off-again trustworthy or not Gabriel looting Alexandria’s scant supplies. Has he betrayed the group that inexplicably trusts him? Again?


Hold that thought, because Rick and the narrative are at The Hilltop, where Gregory is being his usual insufferable, smug, universally hated self. And yet, no one ever deposes him. Weird!


Gregory turns down the Anti-Savior alliance, so Rick et al move on to The Kingdom. They meet King Ezekiel, and his tiger, and accomplish… well, very little.


On the way back from yet another rejection, the Alexandrians discover two things: the Saviors have left a huge minefield of sorts as a trap for some poor, innocent wandering Zombies, and said group of Zombies is quite nearby.

So the Alexandrians disarm the trap. Yay!


Then they massacre the Zombiues themselves using some kind of crazy, anime-style wire cheese cutter strung between two cars. Boo!


Ghastly. Just… ghastly.

Eventually the group returns home, dodges a Savior raid, follows Gabriel, is promptly surrounded by a new threat, etc. All the usual stuff. But your humble ZRC reviewer is still reeling from all the pointless Anti-Zombie carnage in this episode.

Frankly, it’s shocking. Even for this show.

Tune in next week. I guess.

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