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ZRC Review – The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 8/Midseason Finale

Negan is back in Alexandria for another confrontation with Rick, Rosita has obtained a Single Bullet to take him on, and a powder keg is ready to blow in this week’s Walking Dead.

Also, there are some Zombies around. Toward the edges.

First up, Negan plays at being Less Weepy, More Scary Rick, cooking dinner for the Grimes household.

One wonders what his sauce recipe calls for. Will there someday be a ‘Walking Dead’ cookbook?

There is a parody cookbook, according to Amazon. Get on the cashing in before the ratings fall any further, AMC.

Rick meanwhile is out ‘producing’ for the Saviors, which means fording a Zombie moat. Side note: using Zombies for a moat is a terrible abuse of Undead working conditions. For shame.


Back at Alexandria, Spencer tries to charm Negan with his yuppie business pitch: replace Rick and run Alexandria smoother for the Saviors.

That goes over… poorly. For Spencer.

Rosita tries to take out Negan, and that also goes poorly. For her.

And Olivia, who is yet another random, pointless victim to keep the suspense/body count up this season.

The episode ends with a reunion of almost everyone left (sans Eugene, who is the Saviors’ newest hostage) at the Hilltop, to plot the Epic Revenge Campaign that will no doubt constitute much of the second half of this season.

Oddly enough, the ZRC is warming to that idea. As long as these violent malcontents are harming each other, they are less likely to harm the random, innocent Undead.

And that’s progress, of a sort.

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