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ZRC Site Visit: Zombee Donuts and Bakeshop, Fullerton California

(Walkers…welcome? We hope so!)

On a recent West Coast outing, the Zombie Rights Campaign staff had time for a short detour to the Zombee Donuts and Bakeshop, located in Fullerton, California.

As the name suggests, and the website confirms, this is a bakery, focused on donuts and similar pastries, with a decidedly Undead theme.


As their website describes:

We serve Zombee and monster themed donuts that are fun to look at and delicious as well. Come try some of our signature themed donuts such as “The Eyeball” that is a red velvet/vanilla velvet cake donut dipped in white icing with a chocolate ganache donut hole in the center. We also have “The Monster” donut which is a raised round donut with homemade whipped cream filling and Monster energy drink infused icing with, of course, a Zombie face. We also have our famous “Sin-a-Snake” cinnamon roll. And no one can get enough of our “Maple Bacon Bar”. Everything is better with bacon. We also have our famous “Walker Donut” that has a little surprise in his head. Having a bad day? Bite his head OFF! Also, there are our gourmet donuts like the “PB&J”, “Cookies-n-Scream” and our “Nutella Donut”.

Come for the donuts and baked goods and stay for the atmosphere.

We had the chance to see this atmosphere and try these baked goods in person, and the Zombie Rights Campaign is largely supportive! The donuts are quite tasty, and colorfully decorated in various Undead and Differently Animated themes:



We wanted to the Monster donut in particular, with its adorable Zombie green face. Now, if you dislike energy drinks, it is clearly not the pastry for you, but the ZRC reviewers found it pleasantly.. well, like a donut crossed with an energy drink.

A word of caution on the decor and some of the merchandise, however: a bit of outreach could be useful here. Not everything is, strictly speaking, Zombie friendly. In fact some things on display are distinctly Zombie-Unfriendly, particularly the Walking Dead references.


Still, all in all, the Zombie Rights Campaign was pleased. We need more establishments that proudly proclaim that they welcome Undead patronage.

We rate the Zombee Donuts and Bakeshop as Zombie Tolerant.

Tolerance and pastry.

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