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ZRC Review – The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 14

This week’s The Walking Dead has your quota of skulking in the shadows well and truly filled.

But first, a training montage!

More below the cut.

This is a Hilltop heavy episode, as a Negan raid leads Sasha and Rosita to kick off their Negan Assassination plan a bit early, while Maggie and Daryl hide out in a basement behind some potatoes.

Which, you know, is one way a post-apocalyptic thriller can go.

Above-ground but thoroughly below-board (so to speak), Gregory works to cement his relationship with Simon. Gregory is given an invite pass to come see the Saviors and rat out, well, anyone he likes, for summary execution.

We’re certain that will go well for him in the long run.

Sasha and Rosita arrive at Savior HQ, and take up a sniping position in some abandoned buildings across from Negan’s parading-around-chattering grounds.


Sadly for them, this attempt at murder from a distance doesn’t pan out, so they have to try to sneak in the compound later that evening.

A fortuitious encounter at the fence seems to be a chance to spring Eugene, but shockingly, he declines rescue!

Well, not shockingly at all. He’s gone to the Dark Side. Hence the subtle wardrobe.

Sasha gets inside and promptly locks Rosita out, telling her that, in essence, she’s too valuable to lose on a suicide mission.


Then Sasha vanishes into Savior HQ followed by a hail of gunfire.

Frankly, with the Living community showing this level of solidarity (or whatever the opposite of solidarity is), the ZRC can only presume Walkers will be running the show next season.

Which we’d support!

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