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ZRC Review – The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 15

The penultimate episode of ‘The Walking Dead’s much lamented seventh season had an opportunity to branch out, to be truly different, even inspiring to the Differently Animated community.

Instead, well. It went somewhere else. More below the cut.

Let’s start with the story this episode chose *not* to tell: a tale of a boatload of Zombie immigrants, crashed upon our shores, seeking to make a new Unlife for themselves. Wouldn’t that have been nice?


Naturally, The Walking Dead goes somewhere different.

First up, Negan tries to win over a captive Sasha with a combination of threats, offers of career advancement, and a fairly savage punishment meted out to one of her captors who attempted to engage in unsanctioned barbarity.


Sasha for her part bargains instead with Eugene for one of his poison pills from a few episodes back, but what precisely she intends to do with it is anyone’s guess.

Meanwhile back at the Hilltop, Gregory tries to deal with his Maggie problem, but doesn’t have the guts to actually kill her himself with his comically tiny knife, or the integrity to form a power-sharing arrangement.

So it looks like he’s going to go running to Simon/Negan/Daddy to rescue his ever-diminishing authority!

Finally, Rick and Company travel to Oceanside, the largely female community Tara found in her special episode, to take all their guns and attempt to recruit cannon fodder for the Anti-Negan army. They get the guns, but not the troops, though all the Living characters seem to bond in some truly awful, Anti-Zombie violence..


Against the Zombie immigrants from the boat seen in the opening sequence.

The Walking Dead: Promoting Unity, of sorts, through Awfulness.


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