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Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies

The ZRC had the great pleasure of attending the Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies concert on Sunday at Geek.kon, and as promised, here is a review of the show from the perspective of Zombie rights.

Mad Science. We all know that its temptations are fierce and the insanity it causes is perilous. Yet, can the power of a Mad Scientist be harnessed for Good?

Dr. Cancer asserts that it can, and with his band of reanimated musicians, he strives to rid the airwaves of puerile psuedo-rock.

It would be Dr. Cancer who single-handedly conquered these false gods that called themselves record companies and replace the refuse that was pouring through his speakers with actual music that deserved to be played! The only question was how…? Glancing through his laboratory, his eyes scanned over every box that he’d already packed when he came upon one marked ‘RE-ANIMATION TOOLS.’ That was it! Rock had simply died. It would be a simple procedure to renew it when he brought the greatest musicians throughout the past couple decades back to life as his zombie slaves. The more the good doctor thought about it, however, he realized that those people were true artists. Even as zombies they were likely to question his decisions and cause trouble. He would need to find musicians that were less of independent thinkers as the truly great musicians, yet were not quite as stupid as the one’s singing today’s drivel.

There were several things here to concern the ZRC, chief amongst them the concept of Zombie slaves. However, in an informal discussion with the ZRC before the show, Dr. Cancer assured us that he believes in Zombie-Living equality quite firmly; he intends to make ALL people his slaves. Those Zombies that follow him, particularly his band-mates, get in on the ground floor, a sort of Amway model to World Conquest.

Now, I know, I know; this doesn’t sound like the friendly, reconciliation oriented approach the ZRC is famed for. On the other hand; he’s a MAD SCIENTIST. They’re not constitutionally capable of a mellow, reasoned approach; it’s simply not in their nature. Megalomania and sporadic acts of ingenious mayhem are their stock in trade. The important thing here is that the doctor realized the error of his ways in trying to create Zombie slaves, and instead sought to find laid-back partners for his music, talented individuals who could get behind the mayhem and occasional massacres in pursuit of their goal of a world where Zombies and humans, ok, one human who’s more than a little insane, can live together in peace and harmony.

With the whole world under Dr. Cancer’s boot, of course, but that goes without saying.

The music reflects this pro-equality theme and is also quite catchy, with audience participation a key feature of their shows. Unfortunately the ZRC had to remain somewhat dispassionate observers this time around, plus my camera was malfunctioning and I had a devil of a time getting any useable shots for our online readers. It was still a fantastic time.

So keep Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies in mind, folks, as you think of music and Zombie-Living brotherhood. There is more than one path toward the goal of a better tomorrow for the Differently Animated, and we here at The Zombie Rights Campaign salute Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies for taking the ludicrous and hyper-dangerous road that we chose not to follow. Hopefully we can all reach the promised land together, and without any doomsday devices going off prematurely.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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