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Followup to Lurch for the Cure Auction: Thank You Letter from Lynn Sage

Due to a complications from the ZRC headquarter’s recent move, this particular piece of good news got lost in the mail for quite a while, but here it is, at last:


So to any and all who donated to the auction, or purchased fine items from the auction, here’s the proof that The Zombie Rights Campaign saw the money to its proper recipients and did not, say, take a trip to the local casino instead.

Tempting as those one-armed bandits might be.

I wasn’t honestly expecting a kind thank you letter, even though as this one notes it’s also a receipt for tax purposes, so it’s not like we were necessarily singled out for special attention per se. Still, it’s a very nice response, clearly the letter accompanying our check was read and the auction was not found to be objectionable by the hard-working types at the Foundation.

This is of course merely Step 1 in our grand design, to do good work on behalf of the Differently Animated and by doing such work, spread the message that a Zombie isn’t a monster to be feared, but a Neighbor to be cooperated with and lived alongside. Or Unlived alongside. (The alongside part, together with the cooperation and implied lack of torch-wielding mobs, that’s the key).

One final round of thanks to all our donors, who made this possible, and to Jeffrey Channing Wells and Shaenon Garrity of Skin Horse, who contributed the original idea for the Lurch. The cause of Undead Equality has been advanced a very noteworthy step, but there is so much left to do, and that’s why we’re here.

Until next time!

(PS: I apologize for the scan looking a bit odd; our old address is, obviously, blacked out, because putting a physical address up on the internet is kind of asking for lots of very strange mail, but the pink smudges are part of a large pink ribbon design, and the scanner seems to have had a bit of a fit because this is printed on watermarked receipt paper, which is, err, specifically designed to resist scanning)

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