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Horror Society Film Festival Pictures


Making this a brief post so I can get back into delving deep into the Sears website to learn more about their Zombie promotion, but I did want to share a few of the photographs taken at the big Horror Society Film Festival on Saturday night.

It’s hard to overstate the classic movie palace beauty of the Portage Theatre; this is a fantastic venue for film viewership. Take a look at this classic architecture.




In the overview piece that I put up yesterday, I mentioned that the ZRC had the opportunity to attend a very interesting Q&A session for Slices of Life featuring much of the cast and crew, including director Anthony Sumner. Here’s a shot from that session showing the great turnout they got for the session from their talent.


Dr. Calamari eventually showed up after causing some mayhem, allegedly, on the roads between Chicago and Bloomington. He was especially proud of his snazzy new suit, and felt the need to pose for the camera.


The ZRC was fortunately able to harvest his natural showmanship for a good cause, namely showing off our protest signage made to show solidarity with the exhibition of A Serbian Film.


More pictures are available at our flickr page for this event, which you can reach here. Mostly it’s just some test shots in low light; the new camera, despite being identical hardware, seems to have slightly different firmware than the last so I played around with settings a bit.

Either that, or I’ve forgotten how to use it in a few scant weeks, which, let’s be honest, is a distinct possibility.

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