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Mega64 Tries (and Fails) to Be Funny About Zombies

Mega64, for those not in the know (which included me, prior to today) is a sketch comedy show described as being akin to infamously stupid media product ‘Jackass’, but about videogames.

From what I’ve seen.. that’s a fair cop.

The most recent episode concerns the spate of Zombie videogames coming out of late, which, believe me, the ZRC is well aware of. However, whereas we are disturbed by the Anti-Zombie prejudice and hate being spewed in these games without balance, context or sympathy for the Differently Animated, the Mega64 people seem to just be sick of Zombies, because they’re ‘played out’.

Oh, and nerd humor on the internet isn’t? Seriously?

The video contains one joke, repeated with slight variations about sixteen times: the notion that a person who is really into Zombies, or more precisely, the negative media about them, might stay up so late playing games and watching movies that they would become addled with exhaustion and then lurch around, like, get this, a ‘Zombie’


There, I summed it up, and saved you six minutes of your life that I, on the other hand, will never get back. You’re very welcome.

Uggh. I feel like I need to wash out my brain (oh yes, the Mega64 people throw a rubber brain in their sketch too, because isn’t that just precious and original).

We’ll be traveling to Peoria tomorrow to see some of the latest in independent filmmaking concerning the Undead and their perception in popular culture, fighting for greater understanding toward the Differently Animated, planting the rhetorical flag of the ZRC on yet another city in America.

I guess that’s too played out for people who prefer to spend their time making Mario jokes in front of a digital camcorder.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


45 Responses to “Mega64 Tries (and Fails) to Be Funny About Zombies”

  1. wah wah wah wah wee wah woo wah

  2. Matt says:

    This guy gets it, obviously.

  3. VampyreFancier says:

    Is this like fursecution but with zombies?

  4. Yeahdeymad. says:

    Hahaha…sounds like someone’s taking things a little too seriously, eh?

    I’m all for zombies, but they do prove a point. It’s become something of a social annoyance as of late, there are no taste boundaries that shift fish then how when phone, candlez?

  5. ppffft says:

    what a faaaaggot

  6. Falz Down says:

    The author obviously didn’t do the skit.

  7. Writer tries(and fails) to create a ‘funny’ website.

    That video was around eight million times better than this played out joke of a website. Way to call attention to yourself. Have fun in Peoria, morons.

  8. Rocko Boaty says:

    Let’s get upset over a video on the internet. that’s the smart thing to do. Breakfast Ass Bitch.

  9. Frank Furter says:

    This is so sad that John Sears takes it so seriously.

  10. Tom says:

    I actually think that the sketch was very well rounded actually. Though it was mostly about people who get too into memes are the the true zombies lingering onto the life of a certain plain of existence ( or in this case, a meme) where they become a nuisence to the rest of the world eventually making everyone else go insane. I say that it was well rounded because it also shows how the people who complain about these memes are almost as bad because they make themselves victims of no crime, instead of just ignoring these “zombies” like he should, ignoring the rest of the world not helping out innocent civillians who are hurt, blindly thinking that everyone is a problem and never evaluating himself. I think that you need to watch the short again but with this perspective. Thank you for reading my response.

  11. Peirson Stoned says:

    What does this guy think he’s doooooing, he’s trying to resuce his site! Well that will not happen on my watch not if I have something to say!

  12. Alex says:

    John Sears you have a website called ZOMBIERIGHTSCAMPAIGN.ORG. Whose the loser here?

  13. Kid-A-UK says:

    Dude, there right, Zombies are everywhere & it’s fucking retarded the amount of people who are, for lack of a better term, ‘gay for zombie cock’, who think that shit is up there with the Mona Lisa in terms of artistic perfection, if something has an ounce of Undead

  14. Ted says:

    “Oh, and nerd humor on the internet isn’t? Seriously?”

    Did you not see the list at the end listing all of the nerd humor that is also played out?

  15. Cocoa says:

    eat a dick

  16. God says:

    встреча i убьет

  17. fuqzombierightscampaign says:

    this author needs to SUCK IT. i thoguht mega64′s video was great. and this site is a steaming turd. actually its not even good enough to be warm. its a cold turd. fuck you

  18. DerhHerp says:

    you can suck it batch

  19. DerhHerp says:

    ^ to the author of course

  20. Meelad says:

    You mad?

  21. John Sears says:

    Wow, perhaps a couple of intelligent responses out of the whole lot of comments.

    You lot are really going to change someone’s mind when you post comments like ‘eat a dick’, ‘suck it batch’ or use slurs against gays. /snark

    Seriously, and I apologize to the couple of intelligent responses, but this is a cesspool, and it reflects badly on you, and on the show you like so much, not me, and certainly not the ZRC.

    Get some lives.

  22. John Sears says:

    To Tom: I considered that, actually, but I think the authorial thumb is pretty heavily on the scale about the issue of Zombies being played out. Up until the Zombie-disliking protagonist starts running people down in the street we as an audience are solidly supposed to be on his side.

    I guess there is a bit of self-victimization in blowing your brains out over not sharing interests with your friends, along with clinical narcissism, but the whole thing kind of fell flat for me after the third or fourth time we got a gag that being tired = Zombie.

    Do sleep deprived people even behave that way? I’ve never seen it. Plus, if you’re so exhausted you can’t stand or coordinate physical motion, how precisely can you play a videogame? Wouldn’t these people pass out eventually?

    I was snarkier than I thought I needed to be at the time, but as I discussed in the follow up post (visible at, if this is the general attitude of Mega64 fans to anyone they disagree with then it’s a fight I’m glad to have picked.

  23. Jenny the ZRC art director says:

    Nobody will read this (or if they do it will only be for more flame fodder), but…

    Guys and/or gals. Sometimes people will not like the things that you like. Sometimes they will even make snarky comments about the things you like.

    It’s *okay* for people to have different opinions. We are all unique and beautiful double rainbows! Sometimes you can convince people to change their minds and enjoy the same things you do, but other times you just have to give up and accept that not everyone in the world will agree with you.

    Of course, insulting the offending party’s intelligence, sexuality, sense of proportion, etc, may not ever change their mind, but I guess it makes you feel good, and quite frankly it’s hilarious for me to read. Flaming is cruise control for win! :D

  24. seriously though says:

    be honest john, this little “mega64 sucks” post has gotten your blog-site more hits than most of your other posts combined.

    just fyi this isn’t the “general attitude of mega64 fans to anyone they disagree with”, this is the internet. it’s all like this. every. single. website.

  25. I find it extraordinarily ironic that you are telling people that have spent a few minutes to comment on an extremely pointless and unintentionally funny piece of textual retardation to get a life when you run a website dedicated to fighting for the rights of fictional entities.

    It is also fairly obvious that you either didn’t watch the entire video, which at a shocking six and a half minutes probably would have consumed far too much of your precious zombie conservation time, or you are so lacking of common sense and basic intellect that you completely missed the point of the video and while this was probably some half cocked attempt at getting more hits on your sorry excuse for a website all it really does is make you like a fucking idiot and add another layer of comedy onto an already funny video.

    Oh yeah by the way, zombies are fucking played out, get over it.

  26. John Sears says:

    To Direck: I absolutely did watch the whole video. It was less entertaining than the 3 1/2 hour drive through rural Illinois/Southern Wisconsin from earlier today, and subjectively felt like it took longer too.

    If this was an attempt to get traffic, I would have put more than one link to Mega64 in more than one post. I might have run advertising, for example. I didn’t, because I don’t care that much. You might be under the impression that Mega64 fans are the most interesting and valuable set of people on the internet and that just everyone is dying to get their attention, but… it’s not actually true.

    Cry into your pillow if the news is too heartbreaking.

  27. John Sears says:

    To Seriously Though: Your traffic isn’t that hot; you’re not wanging the server. And actually, prior to today, most of the internet conversations we’ve been involved with have been via email and been polite and far more productive than this Mega64 flame war. The ZRC has spoken to writers and directors and actors and artists dealing with Zombies from all around the nation, and not one of them, even the ones that didn’t particularly care for what we do here, called us gay in the manner of an insecure 12 year old boy or misspelled ‘faggot’ in their responses.

    The horror community is actually very friendly and open-minded. Even when we picket their events they don’t get this upset. The Mega64 community, on the other hand, seems to be mostly middle school boys with a chip on their shoulder and very fragile egos.

  28. Peirson Stoned says:

    Have u seen the internet John? With shit like fourchan, and WoW, yeah Mega 64 fans might not be the most “interesting” or “valuable” but I think we are the most loyal, I havent seen ONE comment that has supported your point 100%! And i dont care what you say this WAS an attempt to get more traffic for your stupid zombies rights website!

  29. I think you’re confusing the mega 64 community being upset with the mega64 community having stupid fun at your expense.

  30. Peirson Stoned says:

    yes that too

  31. BadFingerBoogie says:

    Woah, wait, hang on… I’m surprised, how are you able to type this while a large protruding male genital is filling your mouth?

    This is indeed an ingenius discovery.

  32. Frankie says:

    I’ll just post this here on the main post as well. =/

    John Sears: Mega64 fans are all idiots, bigots and mouth-breathing cretins.
    I’m offended as a Mega64 fan.
    I do, however, enjoy it when the Mega64 community rallies and starts posting inane and irreverent comments on anyone that bashes on them or on any youtube video that any of the Mega64 members even mention in a passing comment. It’s almost become part of the Mega64 experience.
    I think the reason that we love Mega64 so much is that this is a group of people who started this Mega64 project back in high school where they got their show put up on public access. To go from there to where they are now, which is, as a group of people who decided to do sketch comedy for a living and on the internet and have become successful enough that they can do it for a living, is quite an achievement.
    We don’t only see the Mega64 crew in their skits, we see them everyday when they share a video of some randomly funny or interesting things that happen in their everyday life and we also spend time talking to them on their podcast when they stream it live. Sometimes the podcast isn’t always live, but sometimes, we get to take quick road trips, or camping trips or days at the pool or a crappy restaurant. It’s these personal touches to the entire Mega64 product, along with the irreverent humor that makes Mega64 special. Even the smattering of posts that John Sears has received is kind of like an inside joke. Not that Mega64 ever encourages this type of behavior. They are all stand up guys and their humor has really helped me through some tough times.
    My favorite aspect of the zombie genre is how it reflect and makes us look at how we all lead our current lives and it makes us think about what things are really important to us and about how our way of living may not cause an outbreak, but could lead to an apocalypse. And while there is an oversaturation of zombie crap out there, there’s going to be the occasional World War Z or the Walking Dead that shows demonstrates why the zombie genre is so popular. The Mega64 video plays on one of my favorite aspects of the zombie genre , but changes it to how media about the zombie apocalypse effects the real world.
    John Sears was, in fact “pretty harsh there” when he reviewed a 6 minute internet sketch that was targeted towards the video game fan demographic in a way that you would review ‘ the latest independent filmmaking concerning the Undead’. Which roused up a slew of offensive comments. You were trolled on the internet, John Sears, get over it.

  33. Jenny the ZRC art director says:

    Oh man, I wish I had popcorn for this.

    To everyone referring to homosexuality, oral stimulation of male genitalia, et cetera: I am curious. What, exactly, is your basis for this corrolary between “made fun of a video on the Internet” and “is homosexual”? Can you produce some relevant studies?

    To everyone accusing the ZRC of trying to drum up traffic: I am turning my snark mode off for a moment. This paragraph is completely and utterly sincere. HOW did you guys even find us? Mr. Sears is always reading or watching or listening to zombie-related media, throwing reviews of these products up on the blog, and then moving on to the next thing. Neither he nor I have ANY IDEA how the Mega64 fan community found us. Like, we do not even comprehend the mechanism. Is there a member of your community who was googling something zombie-related, found us in the results, read the most recent blog post, and got angry? Did a site admin see us show up in a hit tracker or via some kind of magical pingback technology, and mention that information to the community at large? We are honestly stumped. The Internet makes it hard to communicate sarcasm or the lack thereof, but I’m honestly not snarking here. We never expected your particular community to notice us *at all*.

    Snark mode back on…

    To everyone telling us to “get over it”… pot, kettle. :D Although once you do get bored and move on, I’ll lose a great source of entertainment. How many different ways *can* a community come up with to call someone gay based on a negative opinion of one six-minute video…?

    Finally, I’ll be honest with y’all: I didn’t find the video funny either. Way better than a kick in the teeth, but did not cause me to laugh once. Does that bother you?

  34. Peirson Stoned says:

    No it doth not bother us, we understand why u didnt like it, we just dont think that the flame that was started by John was necessary because OBVIOUSLY your demographic wouldnt find this funny at all

  35. Frankie says:

    Pierson, this website is my kind of thing and I thought the vid was funny…well, more entertaining than funny. The funny starts when Sean’s list shows up on the side of the screen, and then when he blows is head off. It looked hilarious. My only complaint for the video was mr. acosta’s zombie walk, but the shot where Sean illuminates the male pedestrian while driving home looked perfect.

    There was some good and bad in this vid. I’m just glad to have another Penny-Arcade TV vid up.

  36. Jenny the ZRC art director says:

    > we just dont think that the flame that was started by John was necessary

    Ahh, as opposed to the *totally necessary* flames provided in return. Gotcha! I was confused for a minute there on the relative merits of “make fun of something in a single post on your own website” versus “go to someone else’s website in a group of 30 or so and make fun of them there”.

  37. Jenny the ZRC art director says:

    …not that I’m saying this is necessarily, like, an organized thing where someone is *directing* the actions of 30 or so people. The Internet tends to be made up more of individuals acting similarly but on their own behalf. Still, I’d think there would be a point where these clever wordsmiths would come here from the Mega64 forum post, skim the works of those who have come before, and think to themselves “hmm, there have already been five claims that this guy sucks cocks… do I *really* need to beat that dead horse? Nah, he probably gets the idea by now.” Maybe I’m just not patient enough and we’re hitting that point soon.

  38. RadicalJake says:

    I think everyone here is missing the point.

    Re-watch the entire video over again, it’s obviously a commercial advertisement for the new left for dead campaign.

    In all honesty though…I do really think people are missing the point / over thinking all of this. I don’t quite see why John got so upset at one specific instance. There are, and stil are PLENTY of other people who’ve taken this “zombie” culture and created something good/bad out of it. To me, it really does seem like he’s singled them out, utilizing only one of their videos, which happened to be placed upon Penny-Arcade, which he randomly saw as he was perusing for the new comic…as we all do . The cast of Mega64 takes some time to get into, in order to actually appreciate what it is they do. I also don’t see why The Mega64 people got upset at…wait…no, I do. You’ll have to excuse most of us, we like to have fun, and you’ve blindly/not blindly provided us with an outlet, sir. As you can see, you’re providing fuel to the fire.

    And let’s not get too serious about defending/ utilizing the “homosexuality” terms, or “genitalia” references. You damn well know it’s become second nature to use shit like that to push people around on “the internet.”

    It’s the internet, everyone.
    Take it all with a gallon of salt.

    Chill the fuck out.

  39. RadicalJake says:

    Oh, and Jenny.

    As far as I know, I got here through a link on Facebook. I know of no coordinated attack using our forums. You’re giving us/them too much credit :3

  40. (man I’m tired of being “Jenny the art director who just leaves random comments which she can’t edit afterwards when she realizes she left something out”, let’s have us a nice shiny new admin-level account then. Also lets me see all the recliner-selling spam comments that akismet has caught! Ohh, Internet, you so crazy.)

    Super-unneccessarily-long response to RadicalJake:
    Well, yeah, I specifically mentioned in my follow-up comment that I didn’t think it was actually coordination, just a few people acting independently.

    For the record, though, you’re not the only ones having fun. There have been a few comments that have literally made me laugh, as the kids say, out loud. The esteeméd Mr. Sears may make another blog post or a few comments to try to keep the fires fanned, but I think we’ll both be a little sad when everyone gets bored of taking a couple minutes out of their day just to come try to… I’m not sure what. Make us feel bad? Make us stop? Prove something to us, or to themselves?

    In all seriousness, *I* don’t see why the community got so upset. Someone, somewhere, on the Internet, *on a blog that admittedly hardly anyone reads*, said something mean about the content on a humor website? Really? That’s cause for “upset”? I understand the entertainment value of a good flame now and then, but is anyone *sincerely* *upset*? We’re not going to come take Mega64 away from anyone. Hell, if no one had come over to our little virtual house here to flame us, we likely would have forgotten completely that it (M64, not our e-house) existed come this time next week. The collective ZRC opinion was that it wasn’t very interesting, not that it was a monster that we had to dedicate our lives to fighting.

    I’m much less surprised if you meant that the community isn’t so much upset as… mmm… riled up, if you will, and just looking for some fun. That’s what the Internet is all about. But if anyone was sincerely hurt by one blog post made by one loudmouthed smartass with a WordPress installation, then I would — again, in all seriousness — suggest counseling.

  41. RadicalJake says:

    Mission complete.


  42. dude says:

    This is a pretty damn funny argument over a 6 minute video and a stupid blog post.

  43. Jibb says:

    I agree there was not enough boobs in that fucking video

  44. Green says:

    John I can’t take you seriously when you put fail in the title of your article.

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