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Thankstaking Day News Roundup

As mentioned on the blog, we here at the ZRC spent the Thankstaking Day holiday relaxing and forcing ourselves to slog through Romero ‘classic’ films. Due to technical issues with Dawn of the Dead, we only got through Night and Dawn, missing the trifecta with Day.

Not bad for refreshing the old memory though, plus I feel comfortable really tackling the two films with a ZRC official review now.

Meanwhile, a few quick news articles that have been clogging up the old inbox:

Blood Drive, a Carmageddon clone where you mow down innocent Zombies with cars, is out now for the Xbox and PS3, I guess. From the review at Fearnet, it’s apparently not just bad for Zombies, it’s bad for anyone who got sick of Carmageddon way back when because, well, it sucked. It was boring and sloppy with awful controls, let’s be honest.

The PS3 is also getting Dead Nation, a new arcade-style shooter where you mow wave after wave of the Differently Animated down for no good reason. Kotaku says its good, but they completely ignore the Zombie Rights angle, which I can only chalk up to prejudice.

What’s up with the PS3 lately, and how can I convince Sony to send the ZRC a console for review purposes?

The Weekly World News published a brilliant satire of Zombie Apocalypses with this piece on a Zombie TURKEY Apocalypse. Stunning work, guys.

The Simpsons have a line of mini-figures out featuring the main family as Zombies; sadly, they seem to fall prey to vicious Anti-Zombie stereotypes in the process. Really, a femur for a pacifier for Maggie? That’s just spiteful.

Finally, the Video Game Awards look like they may be the launching pad for a new, huge Anti-Zombie game, judging by some annoyingly indirect viral marketing being conducted now on their behalf. People, listen; we here in the Zombie Rights community would appreciate it if you at least gave us some advance notice of the new horrors you’re about to unleash, and not in the form of oh-so-clever advertisements that never mention the product. Yeesh. It’s hard enough out here for us. A second ad is up now, and so far the ads combined spell out a message of ‘Murder Your ____’ with one to go.

If it’s ‘Murder Your Zombie’, we won’t be surprised, just extra-offended.

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