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io9 Misinforms About the History of Zombies in America

| November 23, 2010

It’s truly tragic that this article detailing the ‘history’ of Zombies in America is a cut above the average; sad, in that such a shallow and defamatory, not to mention dubiously ahistorical piece is still so much better than most. What the io9 piece gets right, and almost everybody else misses, is that the history [...]

Zombie-Demons and Euro-Zom Movies

| July 15, 2010

Ok, so the latest trend sweeping European horror, it seems, is the revival of the indie supernatural zombie genre. With [Rec] 1 and [Rec] 2, and soon to be [Rec] 3, the Spanish horror scene is looking to relive the heyday of European unenlightened anti-Zombie filmmaking. ([Rec] 1 was remade in the US under the [...]