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The Zombie Rights Campaign at The Dark Carnival 2009!

| October 9, 2009

First, please accept the ZRC’s sincerest apologies on the lateness of these updates. A lot of work piled up here in Madison while we were away, and sadly, some of it had to be dealt with before we could supply you with the Zombie content you crave. Absolutely ENORMOUS and wonderful post behind this cut:

The ZRC Has Returned!

| October 6, 2009

Ahh, it’s good to be back in Madison, land of beer and cheese. The Zombie Rights Campaign, as previously announced on this blog, journeyed 400 miles to the South last week to visit The Dark Carnival film festival and spread the good word about Zombie Rights. After a day off to recuperate, our office is [...]

Camera Issues and the First Two Days

| October 2, 2009

First, the ZRC would like to apologize for the relative paucity of updates over the last two days. Things have been an utter madhouse. We have had some camera issues that have led to a delay in posting a lot of great first-hand documentation of our struggle for Zombie Equality here in Bloomington. Thursday night [...]

Too Busy

| September 26, 2009

The new Woody Harrelson movie Zombieland comes out next weekend, October 2nd, when we will be down at the Dark Carnival at our first big ZRC public appearance. The store will go live very soon, there are 4 more zombie comics in the ZRC’s HeavyInk subscription queue *and* several zombie movies to watch out from [...]