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Zombie Friendly Filmmaking in Canada?

Here’s a great story (with the fantastic headline ‘Zombies Have Feelings, Too’) about some apparently Zombie Friendly filmmaking going on in Canada:

Jim Turner’s girlfriend is breaking up with him in a bar.

Not terribly unusual. But she’s doing it eight or nine times in a row, yelling and screaming and telling him to get lost. And it’s all in front of cameras. And did we mention that Jim is a zombie?

Jim is actually a crusader for zombie rights, which sets the story apart from most zombie fare, says Kell.

“The one thing I haven’t seen anyone do is portray a zombie as a real person.”

We here at the ZRC of course have seen works like that, but can easily understand how someone who’s not in the Zombie activism game could miss them in the glut of Anti-Zombie media available today. Regardless, here we have another courageous creative personality who sees Zombies as fully-fledged, interesting *characters* and of course, as human beings as well.

The ZRC offers hearty thanks and congratulations to filmmaker Paul Kell of Saskatoon for his efforts, and looks forward to seeing his film, ‘ZOMBIE!’, on the good old film circuit, hopefully quite soon.

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