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Zombies Ala Mode for iPhone and iPod Touch

For once we have some good news to report about Zombie gaming on portable phone type devices, as Elevate Entertainment is putting out what sounds like a quite Zombie Friendly game, ‘Zombies Ala Mode’, for the iPhone and iPod touch:

In Zombies Ala Mode by Elevate Entertainment, you’re a young zombie who needs to earn some extra cash. Colorful scoops of ice cream are being tossed over the wall. Can you catch them fast enough and in the right flavors and numbers to serve your customers who are impatiently stretching their green hands out? Be careful though. A lot of junk is falling down too and you wouldn’t want to get hit on the head.

What a novel concept for a Zombie portable game. It harkens back a bit to Zombie Cafe by Wayne West, only here, you’re playing a Zombie, serving what is apparently perfectly ordinary, Baskin Robbins mainstream ice cream to other Zombies. Zombie capitalism, productive Zombie enterprise, combined with a food service related puzzle type game.

Cooking Mama and its ten thousand spinoffs had better watch out for the Zombie Friendly competition, it seems.

Mild cartoonish violence aside, this sounds like a product we could fully get behind here at the ZRC. Regrettably, none of our staff owns an iPhone or iPod touch, which makes us sound like luddites but the truth is, we mostly buy non-Apple electronics. Just not into the shiny aesthetic and price premiums. Still, if it does come to a platform we own, or we get such a device in the future, we’ll have to look this up for a review.

Good show, Elevate Entertainment, for reminding the world that Zombie videogames don’t have to involve tired brain-munching punctuated with shotgun blasts.

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2 Responses to “Zombies Ala Mode for iPhone and iPod Touch”

  1. Brock says:

    Thanks for covering our game. An android version will version will be out in January. Hope you get a chance to play it sometime.

  2. John Sears says:

    I’m actually upgrading to an Android soon, so that’s very fortuitous. I look forward to it being the first game I download, then. Thank you for putting out something Zombies and their allies can play without feeling bad or inflicting virtual mayhem on the Differently Animated.

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