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Boing Boing Promotes Extremely Offensive Anti-Zombie Holiday Instructional Video

I was shocked to see this extremely offensive video being promoted so close to the holidays (as if Zombies aren’t already persecuted and excluded from seasonal festivities enough), but not all that shocked that it was Cory Doctorow doing the promotion:

Worried about juggling your Christmas baking, gift-giving and party-going with the possible zombie apocalypse? This brief instructional video from Team Unicorn has all the information you need to safely and happily enjoy the season without turning into one of the walking dead.

Somewhere around here I still have an Anti-Zombie comic book published under his Fantastic Tales line, which made Mr. Doctorow’s Living Supremacist views quite clear. Still, he is doing society a great disservice pushing such strident Anti-Zom hate using his considerable geek-media platform over at Boing Boing.

The actual ‘ad’ is a faux black and white filmstrip instructional piece on how to deal with Zombies during the holiday season. With charity and good will, as in, toward all men? No, says Team Unicorn! With violence and slaughter and heavily armed children.

Seriously; one of the ‘tips’ is to arm your children with guns. Lots of guns, so they can gun down Grandma if she comes back as a Zombie.

(Yes, they actually demonstrate that).

The video is so graphic that we feel the need to hide it behind a cut, but for those of you who want to see with your own eyes what sort of violence-endorsing hate is pushed against the Differently Animated over the holiday break, we’ve embedded it below. A strong constitution will be required to sit through the whole thing, however.

Shame on all involved with this sorry spectacle.

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