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Home Alone/I Am Legend Mashup Unkind to Differently Animated

Hot on the heels of our last post comes yet another Holiday themed Anti-Zombie video.

Well, ok. Matheson actually wanted his undead in I Am Legend to be more like Vampires. Originally, they fear the light, drink blood, etc. Nevertheless, we feel some solidarity with all the Undead here at the ZRC, and the *movies* have presented Matheson’s creations as more Zombie than Vampire, so we feel the need to speak up for them.

Thus when we saw a post on this youtube-ready creation matching Home Alone scenes with clips of I Am Legend to disparage the Differently Animated, we knew we’d have to say something about it:

What if Home Alone was a movie about a boy left home along in a city overrun with zombies? This is exactly what Jeff Schmalz has imagined in this video which mashes the films Home Alone and I am Legend together into one movie.

Regardless, this mashup of Home Alone and I Am Legend is offensive. Offensive to the Differently Animated, obviously. But also offensive to anyone who doesn’t want to see a bunch of bad CG and mediocre special effects chewing up the scenery.

Fireballs, mayhem and name-calling against the Differently Animated, hidden behind a cut so as to protect our more sensitive readers. (Or just those who hate CG and effects, or even those who got sick of Home Alone a long time ago. You know who you are.)


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