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More Crazy Dog Shirts Madness; ‘Run for the Cure’

BuyZombie pointed us to this shirt from Crazy Dog which hits a little close to home for the ZRC:

oh, 'run' for the cure, is it? is it really?

“Run for the Cure”. What cure it doesn’t say, but it implies strongly that this is a ‘cure’ for, well, Zombies.

It explicitly says that the search for this ‘cure’ has been going on for over two centuries too.

Right. Not only are they openly calling for Living Supremacist conflict against the Differently Animated, they’re implying it’s a hallowed tradition.

Well, we here at the ZRC have an alternative, an alternative we call “Lurch for the Cure”

Here’s what our shirt, urging productive and peaceful co-existence between the Living and the Differently Animated, looks like:

Ours comes printed on American Apparel shirts and is available in grey and pink in a variety of sizes over at the store.

All proceeds from the sale of said shirts goes to the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation. We pay our shirt printer, the postman and the tax man, where applicable. Everything else goes to a good cause.

Not, say, fomenting Anti-Zombie violence, like some other shirts we could mention.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


2 Responses to “More Crazy Dog Shirts Madness; ‘Run for the Cure’”

  1. Radical_Punk says:

    Awesome! I’m a morbid Punk Rock kid who loves social justice and monsters. I think this is an amazing website and I believe that even creatures that are known for being ‘ugly’ need love. @ZombieLivesMatter #ZombiesAreOrWerePeopleToo!

  2. Radical_Punk says:

    Thank You, for your AMAZING sources I use them daily, you see I’m writing a Zombie Rights book the cover is a Heart with a zombie in it (I mean like a real bloody heart) :P
    Thank YOU!

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