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The Zombie Rights Campaign Statement on Events in Egypt

I’m sure our dedicated and socially conscious readership is aware of the tumultuous events occurring as we speak in Egypt, but for background I’ll attempt to provide a brief summary:

-The dictatorial government of Tunisia, headed by Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, recently collapsed in a sudden and largely unexpected revolution spurred by economic concerns and unemployment combined with hatred of the ludicrously corrupt government (backed, unfortunately, by the United States)
-This revolution is inspiring similar movements across the Middle East, where many countries are ruled by aging dictators like Ben Ali
-In particular, the government of Egypt began to come under increasing pressure from massive street protests this week and has been unable to repress them
-Said government, headed by another dictator, President Hosni Mubarak, attempted to block further protests by severing the nation from the internet, almost entirely, to block social networking sites used by activists
-That hasn’t worked, and the protests continue.
-Meanwhile the Egyptian government is using US provided weapons and a military apparatus largely funded with US aid dollars to brutalize its own people.

What, you might be asking yourself, does this have to do with the plight of the Differently Animated, and why am I telling you this here on the Zombie Rights Campaign?

Well, it’s a matter of Undead Solidarity, something we emphasize here at the ZRC. For in all the news coverage of these dramatic events in Egypt, you know who isn’t getting mentioned, whose difficulties aren’t being addressed by the Mainstream Media?


Think about it; have you heard anything about all the Mummies in Egypt? Who’s looking out for them, for their interests during this crisis?

Well, the natural allies of Mummies would have to be Zombies, and the international Zombie Rights movement is predicated on solidarity with all of the Differently Animated (except Sparkly Vampires). However, the actions of the current regime have cut off our Differently Animated, Thoroughly Bandaged brethren in Egypt from contact with the international community.

Thus, tonight, The Zombie Rights Campaign is officially coming out in support of the largely peaceful protestors in Egypt and calling for the United States to take the chance it squandered in Tunisia to support not just the right of the Living to free speech and assembly, to self-determination in their governments, but also those same rights as exercised by the Mummy population of Egypt.

So please, Zombie Rights enthusiasts, consider signing this petition, calling upon Congress to immediately cut off our military aid to Egypt, money and matériel which is being used to suppress legitimate dissent and free speech, of Living people across Egypt (and, it is reasonable to assume, also Mummies). Pressure from the United States at this critical juncture could make all the difference.

Do it for the Mummies. Think of them as Zombies, But Shy, and Easily Sunburnt.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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