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A dilemma presents itself for those of us in the Zombie Rights Movement, namely, in order to review and evaluate media, events and products for their relative Zombie Friendliness, or to perform outreach or open dialogue, it is often necessary to give money to people and organizations that do not share our goals, or even actively oppose them.

A handy example: when George Romero released his latest ‘Zombie’ movie, Survival of the Dead, the ZRC needed to evaluate it and get a review out as quickly as possible. The only practical method to do this (since for some reason the Anti-Zombie media doesn’t send us screener copies of anything.. suspicious..) was to rent a DRM-laden video download for the Xbox, and so we handed over something like 13 dollars of ZRC money to, well, George Romero and his sinister organization.

But what was the alternative? Not countering his prejudicial propaganda? Not keeping up with the latest innovations in Zombie bashing from the Master of Living Supremacy?

Of course, the situation can turn out quite differently. The Zombie Rights Campaign bought Fallout 3 without any specific hope that it would be Zombie Friendly, and in fact, it was very good for the movement. The specific, character-driven Zombie portrayals in the larger Fallout universe continue to bear fruit for our cause; witness the recent and Zombie Friendly-rated ‘Nuka Break’ short film, for instance.

We imagine that the same is true for those of you who read this site. You care about the Differently Animated, and this same conflict presents itself to you. How can you purchase, in good conscience, potentially (or even definitely) Anti-Zombie products without that gnawing feeling of guilt?

Well, the ZRC thinks it has a solution. We’ve signed up to be a member in the “Amazon Services LLC Associates Program”.

Basically, how it works is this: in the course of doing our daily work on behalf of Zombiekind, we review or discuss a lot.. and I mean, a LOT… of Zombie products that are for sale on internet mega-retailer Now, thanks to this program, we can provide special links to said products on, and if you feel inclined to purchase them, and click on said links to get to Amazon, we will receive a small amount of the purchase price back. That money will of course go toward advancing The Cause; in particular, it will let us buy more things to review, thus providing more links, and… you get the picture.

It’s Machiavellian in its genius; we can, in effect, use the Romeros of the world against their own evil designs, channeling some of the lucre they earn disparaging our clients into advancing Undead Equality instead. And the best part is, as we gradually make Zombie Friendly media more popular and widespread, supplanting their ‘work’, the same process still functions to line our pocket… err.. bankroll our advocacy.


Now for some legalese that I apparently have to post on the site:

The Zombie Rights Campaign is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”

Ta-da! Compliance achieved. Now to write up some more reviews.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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