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‘Zombie Duck Hunt’? Seriously?

There are days when our ‘Zombie Flavored Creativity Substitute’ tag feels like it’s going to get worn out, which shouldn’t be possible, but hey, everything has a limit:

What flies south in the winter and quacks “cruummbbbssss”? Zombie Ducks!

Yes, someone has shamelessly, err, *borrowed* the NES classic game ‘Duck Hunt’ and reconfigured it to be an iPhone app where you persecute Differently Animated ducks. At least, they’re supposed to be Differently Animated; it’s kind of hard to tell.

Apparently instead of a light gun peripheral, which the iPhone doesn’t have, this game utilizes the inertial sensors in the phone, allowing you to move and tilt the device to aim. Which is somewhat innnovative, I suppose.

Still, given that light-gun games have a long and inglorious history of bashing the Undead (House of the Dead anyone?), and that Duck Hunt came out in 1984 (for the NES) and as early as 1976(!) for a previous Nintendo arcade system… it’s hard to describe this as a terribly original game. All it really has going for it is the bashing of Zombies. Well, that and the price point:

5/5 – At this time the game is FREE in the app store. I do not know of many things that have a better price tag attached.

Anti-Zombie prejudice is often marketed in a similar fashion to illicit drugs on the street, and here we have no exception. First taste of hate is free, kids! Download away!

Repugnant. Once again, the virulently Anti-Zombie gaming industry is targeting the next generation, recklessly spreading hate and fear amongst those who are too young to resist their siren call, with bleeps, blorps and screaming bloody virtual violence. No need to save back their allowance or convince the clerk behind the Gamestop counter that they’re old enough for this one, either; just download and self-indoctrinate.

Another disturbing entry in the ever-growing field of Anti-Zombie phone games.

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