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‘Brains!’ Movie Almost Has Me Self-Medicating

If you’re a longtime ZRC reader, you’ll know the Zombie Rights Campaign has a particular issue with the ‘Brains’, or more precisely, ‘Braaaaaaains’ stereotype about the Differently Animated. Most Americans just assume that all Zombies eat brains, want to eat brains, possess an irresistible hunger, in fact, for brains.

In fact, however, the Braaaaaaaains stereotype is of remarkably recent origin. From all indications, the first, very first time it was even mentioned in fiction was in 1985′s ‘Return of the Living Dead’. Zombies, of course, predate that by decades, perhaps centuries, and even their fictional cohorts in pop culture have been around since the early 20th century.

You don’t have to take our word for it, in fact; even the famously Anti-Zombie George Romero has noted the falsity of this harmful meme. Quoth Romero:

I’ve never had a zombie eat a brain! I don’t know where that comes from. Who says zombies eat brains?

This is one of the few areas that the Zombie Rights movement and George Romero agree upon, however.

Given that, a movie about Zombies with the title ‘Brains!’ is bound to be a challenge, and sure enough, there’s a lot to disagree with in this trailer:

Apparently, ‘Brains!’ deals with a group of campers trying to make their way home during, yes, you guessed it, a Zombie Apocalypse, to rescue the sister of one of the group, who has become trapped in an attic (apparently following Max Brooks’ advice; following Mr. Brooks often leads to tragedy, so that comes as no surprise).

In the trailer alone we see copious violence directed against the Differently Animated, obnoxious and intense gunplay, even a bazooka being fired at innocent Zombies who were probably just asking for directions. Typical. There are also references to ’28 Days Later’, ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and so forth, giving a pretty good idea of where the filmmakers’ sympathies lie. Hint: not with the Differently Animated.

The ZRC can’t rate a movie based just on the trailer, but given what we’ve seen so far, I think ‘Brains!’ is cruising for one of the swiftest and most authoritative Living Supremacist brandings we’ve ever had to do.

In the meantime, between spreading yet again our least favorite Anti-Zombie meme and all the bloodshed and carnage, this trailer had me reaching for the tequila. Must… stay… sober. Must work harder for Zombie Rights.

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