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Tech Site ‘Digital Trends’ Considers Whether Zombies are People

Granted, it’s not a Zombie Friendly post and ends with a sort of verbal shrug about how Zombies might be people but killing them in games is fun, but hey, this is the closest we’ve ever seen a tech/gaming site come to acknowledging Zombies as fully equal human beings:

Does anyone ever stop to think about the zombies when they make games like Dead Island? Maybe they have feelings too. Sure they are mostly out to eat your brains, but what right do we have to say that eating brains is wrong? Would you stop a lion from eating an antelope because it is wrong? Publisher Deep Silver and developer Techland should be ashamed of their anti-zombie stance. Zombies are people too! Granted, they are undead people that make a satisfying squish when you hit them with crowbars and stuff, but they are still people and deserve our respect.

Not to fear; I left a comment correcting the author, one Ryan Fleming, on the whole brain-eating stereotype.

Still, this could represent progress; is the solid wall of Anti-Zombie hate from within the mainstream games industry finally starting to crumble?

We’ll keep you apprised here at the ZRC of any further developments.

P.S.: The Digital Trends post also has some new screenshots from the game, showing Anti-Zombie violence, bizarrely giant guys in equally enormous straitjackets and some tropical scenery, often devastated and covered in blood. About what you’d expect from ‘Dead Island’.

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