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World War Z Film May Be Bailed Out Yet

The ill-advised attempt to adapt Max Brooks’ infamous Anti-Zombie epic, ‘World War Z’, into a feature film starring Brad Pitt seemed to have hit a major snag recently when it was revealed that funding for the movie was hard to come by in these troubled economic times.

It appears the studio behind this modern day ‘Birth of a Nation’ have a new strategy: massive bailout by rich Zombophobe.

Paramount’s last-minute campaign to save its apparently very risky, Brad Pitt-starring, PG-13 adaptation of World War Z appears to be nearing success: Confirming earlier reports, bajillionaire scion David Ellison is said to be swooping in (probably while making plane noises with his mouth—dude loves planes!) and ponying up the cash alongside two other financiers to make the $125 million project happen, thereby saving us from only having maybe 12 other zombie apocalypse movies over the next couple of years.

David Ellison may just be the David Koch of the Zombie Rights Movement, opposing our righteous cause from the shadows with his dirty, dirty millions. We’ll have to look into that at a later date. For now, however, it seems that World War Z: The Movie is getting back on track, and that means the ZRC will have its work cut out for it, correcting the misinformation, fear, and let’s face it, paranoid delusions that fill Max Brooks’ volumes of Living Supremacist work.

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