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Bob the Angry Flower Blames the Victim On World War Z

| October 12, 2013

The Zombie Rights Campaign wasn’t hugely enamored with World War Z. It had many issues, both cinematic and Civil Rights in nature. But it’s hard not to view this Bob the Angry Flower comic as blaming the CG Zombies for the failures of the film. We cannot agree with that. BTAF has had some issues [...]

Favorite World War Z Review (That Isn’t Ours)

| July 2, 2013

Hilarious and extremely short!

World War Z: The ZRC Review

| June 29, 2013

After a recent bout of illness nearly had your ZRC President joining the ranks of the Undead a bit earlier than planned, I recovered, and the ZRC Madison staff saw ‘World War Z’ on Thursday. Naturally, we were appalled at the treatment of the Undead in the film. That in and of itself wasn’t surprising. [...]

Introducing The ZRC Zombie Shelter

| March 26, 2013

Due to the rigorous and at-times sanity crushing demands of law school I haven’t been contributing as much to The Cause lately as I would like, so over my Spring Break I resolved to do something worthwile as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign. And so I’ve put in some time the last few days [...]

World War Z: Film Production-Pocalypse

| June 15, 2012

I know we’ve been skeptical about the upcoming ‘World War Z’ film, but this article makes it sound like the real Apocalypse has been behind the cameras: It now seems that everything was upside-down on “World War Z.” “A nightmare from top to bottom,” describes one source with ties to the production, which appears to [...]

‘Resident Evil 6′ Announcement: World War RE?

| January 21, 2012

The long-awaited (dreaded in our circle) sixth entry in the ‘Resident Evil’ series has now been formally announced with a lengthy trailer outlining the, ahem, plot and detailing some of the graphic and tragic violence it will promote against virtual, and later perhaps less-virtual, Zombies: As teased at and GameStop advertising materials, Resident Evil [...]

‘World War Z’ the Series?

| January 13, 2012

So the ZRC has been somewhat bitterly bemused at the production process for ‘World War Z’. It was mired in development hell forever, got going eventually due to Brad Pitt’s dogged evangelism, ran into even more production trouble and then was radically trimmed down and altered so that the novel narrative structure and non-traditional protagonist [...]

The Zombie Rights Campaign’s Trip to the Great Debate in Victoria, Texas

| December 1, 2011

We came, we saw, we did noble battle against the forces of intolerance. Well, *I* did, anyway. Yes, the trip to engage in a heated ideological struggle for the promotion of Undead Equality has been successfully completed, and I am here to tell about it. And brag about it. Really brag about it. As mentioned [...]

The ZRC is Beset By Woe, But Off to Texas

| November 28, 2011

Yes, that title is partially just an excuse to use the phrase ‘beset by woe’, what can I say, I’m a bit strange. In the last day: -my laptop crashed, corrupting a ton of my files, necessitating an all nighter to restore some things not backed up in Dropbox -one of our bathrooms had a [...]

ZombieWriMo Update

| November 27, 2011

Well, yesterday two big events occurred in my quest for ZombieWriMo glory. First, the evil one, Princess of Lies, Mother of all Treachery Michelle Hartz sneakily got to 50k words first. The second thing is that, of course, I got there as well, and have now effectively completed the ZombieWriMo challenge too. So what now? [...]