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The Zombie Rights Campaign Endorses and Helps Fund ‘Mother’s Blood’

Working with independent filmmakers is one of our favorite activities here at The Zombie Rights Campaign, and we’d like to think our travel to film festivals, attendance at innumerable conventions and consultation with independent filmmakers, actors and artists has made a positive and lasting impact. Naturally, when we come across a promising project in production, the ZRC would like to promote it in and help out in any way that we can. Doubly so when the filmmakers assure us that their work, and their work environment, is in fact Zombie Friendly.

So when we heard about the feature film ‘Mother’s Blood’, we wanted to help with the fundraiser, and we hope that you might too, even as it winds down this evening. Here’s the description from their campaign page:

The Mother’s Blood Story…
When attractive socialite Vivian (Kitsie Duncan) is involved in a horrible accident that destroys her beauty, she seeks to restore it by making a “deal” with a mysterious gypsy who warns her that by gaining her beauty and losing her deformity, someone close to her must lose theirs….much to her horror that “someone” happens to be her daughter. After years of locking her daughter away, much too ashamed for the world to see her, Vivian is once again visited by the mysterious gypsy who offers a grisly “solution” to restore her daughter’s beauty as well….a solution that includes murder, mutilation and cannibalism and causes Vivian’s life to spiral horribly out of control…..The cost of staying beautiful will be paid in the flesh and blood by those around her!”

Spooky. This just goes to show you that, no matter what sort of powerful worker of will you’re dealing with, be they ‘gypsy’, necromancer, wizard, warlock, sorceror or occultist, you should really negotiate the terms ahead of time and get them down in writing, preferably with a witness.

After receiving the above-mentioned assurances that both the film and production are Zombie Friendly, the ZRC reached into our miscellaneous budget and chipped in some cash to help ensure that this promising movie comes to fruition.

If you’d like to do the same, you have a few hours left to contribute!

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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